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1001 angelical secrets to share

Breathe positively!


Modern society encourages us very little to exercise. However, our body needs to move. Our lungs are made to… breathe. So, go outdoors as much as you can! Breathe – Get as much fresh air as you can! Yes indeed, go outdoors, exercise, get some fresh air… our body needs it! And if you live […]

Breath Awareness – All you need to know!

breath awareness

Breathing is something we do every day and all the time of our lives until we are gone. It is for this reason that we do not value it and often take it for granted. For us, it’s just inhaling and exhaling and we tend to do it without our conscious mind knowing about it. However, […]

Breaking through Strongholds – Know the secrets

Breaking Strongholds

Have you found yourself wondering about your faith? Are you feeling lost most of the time? Even when you’re praying, you have this sensation that somehow, your physical presence and activity is not connected with the spiritual realm of God? Don’t think that you’re the only one and don’t you think that you are wrong, […]

Bobcat Totem – All you need to know!

bobcat totem

Have you ever heard of a bobcat? Or have any vague idea of what it is or who it is? As the name suggests, it belongs to the cat species of animals. It is a cat like animal that is extremely wild. These cats are known to move through the Earth with adaptability, agility, and […]

Bluebird meaning – the Spiritual Meaning of Bluebird

bluebird meaning

If you have been seeing a lot of bluebirds in physical form or your dreams and have been wondering why they keep appearing, you will find out here! Bluebirds are known as “Spirit Animals,” who carry messages from the spirit world. The bluebird meaning is happiness and pleasure. Any positive sentiment is always attached to […]

Blue Apatite Stones – Stones for Inspiration and Creativity

Blue Apatite

How many times are you going to stand by and let the world overtake you and get ahead while you’re stuck in offices and lines trying to get a little bit of your luck to change? It’s tiresome, right? Straight down exhausting to see yourself not amounting to anything. This is one of those times […]

The Blazing Star


The “Blazing Star” is the pentagram that takes the shape of a star and represents Man as he makes his way to utmost fulfillment. Definition In this symbol, the 5 points correspond to the main limbs of a human being and to the element taking control: the mind. It means that the mind commands and […]

Bhramara, a mudra for protection

bhramara mudra

Protection, serenity, wisdom… All of this lies litterally within reach thanks to this ancestral knowledge represented by the Mudras, which are also known as the yoga of the hands or fingers. Bhramara mudra is one of these sacred ritual gestures. I’ll leave you to discover it… Practicing Bhramara mudra to develop your clear-sightedness By performing this […]