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Angels Pain – Why do you feel pain?

angels pain

At some point in life, you will experience pain; whether minor or major. That time when you experience the angels pain is when you are lead to question yourself about “Why I am in pain?” When you feel pain, it gets impossible for you to shift your thinking from “It is terrible or thus should […]

Everything You Need To Know About Angels in the Bible

Angels in the Bible

There has always been a fascination about angels, particularly about what do angels look like. We picture them as heavenly beings with wings but what about the angels in the bible? They have repeatedly been mentioned in different verses often as winged creatures and sometimes as existing in human form. Read on to find out […]

Angel Number 15 – A look at the meaning of the angel number 15

angel number 15

When we look at the angel number 15, there are a number of varying aspects that have to be taken into consideration before we try to interpret its meaning. The number 15 meaning is better understood by investigating the simplest building blocks of this number. So in the case of the 15 angel number, that […]

Angel Michael Meditation – Guided Cleansing

angel michael meditation

All the archangels are specialized in certain fields. Angel Michael meditation guides us to meditate in ways that help us cleanse our energy. This sort of angel guided meditation is very useful to get rid of negative energies and fill yourself with positive energies to benefit yourself in the future.  Cleansing power by angel Michael […]

An Angel Messages Guide

angel messages

Angel messages are a mode of communication that the angels use to guide and assist us. These angelic messages do not necessarily have to be in a verbal form; they can be in the form of visions or feelings as well. Who are the angels? An example of this could be when you are about […]

Can your friend who keeps disappearing be an Angel in Human Form?

angel in human form

Angels surround us wherever we are. They guide and protect us, and sometimes they hover over our shoulder watching over us, giving us a feeling that we’re not alone. When we’re struggling in life or going through a problem, they show us signs to help us get through it. This is how most people connect […]

Have You Ever Tried a Free Angel Card Reading?

free angel card reading 

Angels are angelic beings that belong to the angelic realm. The angelic realm is a world beyond the world we can see or live in. However, the only thing we know is that it exists, and its sole purpose is to help, assist, and guide us in our lives. We attain this help, assistance, and […]

Fight Your Battles With Dumortierite Stone


There are a gazillion stones in the world all boasting special properties that help to make your life better. Each has unique features that can complement each other but not replace. One of the most prominent qualities of the dumortierite stone is that they teach you how to stand up for yourself. Read on to find […]